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Novitas and other Medicare carriers have started implementing the pre-authorization requirements for patients who have met their combined yearly cap of $3,700.  Below please see the form that will be required to request an exception.
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03/01/2013 8:38am

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09/16/2014 5:16am

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09/19/2014 2:24pm

Paul Ekman promulgated this type of 'science.' I quote it because as a majority of us know - there is a bit of subjectivity to the human experience. Which Ekman seems to ignore.

09/27/2014 5:20pm

In a better world, we gather additional evidence to reach a judgement. Perhaps we even converse!

10/09/2014 4:21pm

Maybe this would seem more legitimate if they didn't use faces from famous people. That is distracting from the intention.

11/14/2014 2:30am

There is a picture of a person squinting due to obvious sun in their eye. Many of the photo's use models with far too much make up and poor lighting who were perhaps told to make a face showing an emotion.

04/21/2015 8:39am

I would have liked to see if the responses remained the same if Asians, Middle Easterners, Native Americans, Europeans, Islanders, etc, were included.

09/20/2013 3:25am

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